Tailor-made Divrei Torah for all occasions

The Predicament

You need a quality Dvar Torah but you don’t know where to start or you simply don’t have the time it takes to get it just right.

The solution

Simply leave it to our talented Torah scholar to weave together a beautiful Dvar Torah sure to inspire your audience.

The right words for any Occasion

Whether you are preparing for a:


Baruch Hashem you are making a Simcha and would like to enhance your speech with a relevant, meaningful and beautiful Dvar Torah.

School Speech

Your son or daughter inform you that they need to give a captivating and fun Dvar Torah next week in front of their class or school.

Bar or Bat Mitzvah

Your son’s barmitzvah or daughter’s batmitzvah is rapidly approaching and you need to find just the right Dvar Torah for them to say which will be suitable for their audience.

Fundraising Event

You have been asked to speak at a fundraising event and would like to include a Dvar Torah that encapsulates the essence and goals of the organization.



In the circumstances you have to speak at a levaya or stone setting and need to find a relevant Dvar Torah that will bring out the unique and special character of the person who has passed on.

Newsletter or Magazine

You need to write a Dvar Torah for your shul’s weekly parsha sheet or  an article for a newsletter or magazine and would like to incorporate a relevant Dvar Torah.

…we’ll take care of your dvar torah!

It just takes 3 simple steps:

1. Get in touch.

Contact us via our online form or by using our contact details.  We will then be in touch to get a clear picture of what you need including the nature of the occasion, who will be giving the Dvar Torah, who the audience will be and what you would like to convey to them.

2. Review first draft.

We will send you an initial draft to review and then discuss any feedback and suggestions you may have.

3. Deliver your Dvar Torah!

We’ll send you your completed, tailor-made Dvar Torah, ready for you to impact and inspire your audience!

Simple Affordable Pricing

  • The starting price for a tailor-made Dvar Torah is £45 / $55 / 200 NIS.
  • Payment can be made by means of credit card, Paypal or bank transfer.
  • Payment is due once you have spoken to us and confirmed that you would like to proceed.

About the writer

MyDvarTorah.com is led by Rabbi Ben Goodman who brings a breadth and depth of Torah understanding. He has years of experience in crafting engaging words of Torah for a variety of Jewish audiences.

Ben has been writing Divrei Torah for many years for various publications, including the Live and Learn Parsha sheets, the Think Jewish column on the Aliyos Shmuel website and the Heritage Retreats newsletters. 

One less thing to worry about.

We prepare the Dvar Torah so you can fully focus on your occasion.

Praise from our Clients

“I have turned to Rabbi Goodman on a number of occasions to help me put into words Jewish insight that I didn’t have the correct knowledge or ability to do myself. Some examples include for a speech at my son’s bar mitzvah and for a presentation to a panel from the Ministry of education.”

“Each time Rabbi Goodman tailored the Dvar Torah precisely to my level, integrating my style of speaking and direction with amazing, appropriate Jewish insight. His words each time have been inspiring and have had precisely the desired support I was looking for. He made me feel and sound highly educated in Jewish study!”

“Timeframes have been very flexible and supportive of my needs; In one instance I was on an unexpected short deadline for a talk and received a turnaround within a few hours.”

“I cannot recommend Rabbi Goodman highly enough. I will without question seek his Dvar Torah services again.”

Ready to begin? Let’s be in touch.

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